About US


Jazzmari Media and Communication is a full service communication, advertising and production company located in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopian. It was originally established in 2011. The company works with young professionals equipped with extended performance and skills.

Jazzmari Media and Communication has been working with companies to build strong brands, So that these brands can increase their presence in the existing market share, revenue growth and profits. We believe in innovating thinking. We have also adopted a very hybrid working environment and create a family-like atmosphere


Providing a fashionable all type – design promotional show case and interactive service
to our client to build corporate image and identify in a bid to become a leading brand
through reaching our sales target


To become a business solution provider which always ensures
clients relevancy in the market, successful company that is a leader
in customer services and innovation with a wide range of royal


To uphold close relationships with our employees. Jazzmari Media and Communication Plc adopted a philosophy focusing on both
management and social values with an open mind and smooth spirit.

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